Argentine Tango Projects

Argentine Tango Projects

“They will take you on a journey to a midnight cafe in Buenos Aires” Tangofolly

Tango Clasico Trio

Weaving together heartfelt, humorous songs, deftly executed instrumental pieces and colourful storytelling, Tango Trio brings together the musical virtuosity and the raw passionate fire that makes Argentine Tango so unique.. Tango originated from Buenos Aires more than 100 years ago and is still evolving. They approach tango with a deep commitment to its bohemian roots and the courage to go beyond its boundaries. John Turnville: Piano, Guillermo Rozenthuler: Vocals, Javier Fioramonti: Guitar



Tango 3 features London-based guitarist Javier Fioramonti, Enrique Galassi on double bass and Martin Espindola on bandoneon in a trio that recreates a characteristic tango sound. Their repertoire includes classic tunes by the great composers of the genre, such as Anibal Troilo, Pedro Laurenz, Agustin Bardi and Vicente Greco amongst others, and also newer compositions by Astor Piazzolla. The arrangements are conceived with a modern sound in mind, respecting the essential form and phrasing of tango that never fail to get audiences on the dance floor.